Daniel Allan plays Phileas Fogg and others. 
Reylene Rose Hilaga plays Passepartout and others.
Kalyani Nagarajan plays Detective Fix and others.
Director/Sound Design: Dan Bain
Playwright:Toby Hulse
Production Manager: Mandy Perry
Set Design and Construction: Chris Reddington
Operator: Andrew Todd
Audience Ambassadors: Lisa Allan. Eli Davis
Produced by Noosed Octopus for The Christchurch City Council with assistance from sponsor Anthony Harper.
This adaptation of Jules Verne's novel was written by Toby Hulse and produced by special arrangement with Plays for Young Audiences.
It's 1872. The world has shrunk with the astounding inventions of the industrial age. The railway! The steamship! The telegraph!
Shrunk so much that gentleman of leisure Phileas Fogg is more than happy to take an impossible bet for an extraordinary amount of money. That he - and his manservant, Passepartout - can travel around the world in 80 days.
But little does Fogg know that not only will he be racing against time, but also to keep ahead of Detective Fix of Scotland Yard, who is sure Fogg is a criminal and is in pursuit, desperate to arrest him before he completes his journey... 
Around the World in 80 Days runs for approx 95 minutes including a 15 minute interval
Director's Note
Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days is the quintessential adventure story. It has a race against time, fugitives from the law, romance, daring, fist-fights, and burning your own boat in order to make it go faster - all juxtaposed against the prim and proper world and characters of 1872. 
Presenting Verne’s world on stage is a wonderful challenge that lends itself to imaginative interpretation, playfulness, and theatrical versatility. Toby Hulse’s excellent 2013 adaptation of the book to the stage perfectly captures the spirit of what I've always thought of as a Summertimes show. It is a slick, fast-moving, three-hander reduction of the original classic work, played for fun and comedy, while retaining the truth and integrity of the original book.  
The character Phileas Fogg is a man addicted to order, to precision and to punctuality. As he circumnavigates the globe his world view is altered irrevocably, as he discovers that to live is not to be a machine, an inflexible timepiece, but rather a feeling, breathing, loving, human being, capable of embracing the chaos that life will inevitably throw at us and rising above it. 
Authoritarian rigidity is not the solution to chaos and uncertainty. Humanity is.   
This is the story I want to tell Christchurch this summer. 
Dan Bain 
Director 2021
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Daniel Allan is an actor, director, and teacher of drama. He was a member of the Court Jesters improvisation troupe between 2003 and 2009 and trained with Zen Zen Zo physical theatre company in 2009. He has acted in shows for The Court Theatre, NZ Playhouse, Fortune Theatre, and multiple Nelson-based companies, including his own theatre company Body in Space. Daniel has been involved in eight large-scale outdoor productions in the last decade.
Reylene graduated from the National Academy of Singing and Dramatic Art (NASDA) in 2018 with a Bachelor of Performing Arts (Music Theatre) and made her professional acting debut in the highly energetic family show The Littlest Ninja (2018) at The Court Theatre. Since then she has been active in the Christchurch theatre scene. In 2019, Reylene hit the road to tour New Zealand Playhouse's 2019 show: The Tortoise and The Hare. She continues to appear in a variety of Christchurch shows.
Kalyani Nagarajan is a graduate of Toi Whakaari New Zealand Drama School. She has studied in France with Master Clown Philippe Gaulier, where she performed Mask, Moliere and Melodrama. Her performance credits include The Pickle King and Mrs Krishnan’s Party for Indian Ink,  Auckland Theatre Company’s POLO, TV series, Brokenwood Mysteries, as well as touring The Gruffalo around New Zealand and Australia.
DAN BAIN - Director, Producer, Sound Designer
Dan Bain has worked as theatre director, writer, improviser, actor, motivational speaker, composer, street performer and stand-up comedian since graduating from CircoArts, the New Zealand circus training school, in 2001. 
Noosed Octopus is his production company. Est. 2002.
TOBY HULSE - Playwright
Toby Hulse is a playwright and director who specializes in making theatre for family audiences and in educational contexts. He has created work for theatres and companies across the UK, touring nationally and internationally. In addition to his work in theatres, Toby is a highly skilled creative practitioner, whose work ranges from one-off workshops to longer term partnerships, projects and residencies, with children and adults at all stages of their creative development. 
He is a regular Guest Tutor at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, teaching Improvisation, Clowning and Children's Theatre.
MANDY PERRY - Production Manager
As a freelance production and stage manager, Mandy has worked with various companies including Pacific Underground, The Christchurch Arts Festival, The World Buskers Festival, Southern Opera, NASDA, Two Productions, NZ Opera, Showbiz Christchurch, Cubbin Theatre Company and Rollicking Entertainment.
Mandy has been part of the Court Theatre Company for nearly 30 years and was the Production Manager from 2011-2015. She has been involved with over 120 Court productions as either Stage Manager or Production Manager.
Mandy also helps co-ordinate the annual Theatrefest one act play competition, enjoys teaching and mentoring young Stage Managers and is a life member of MUSOC.
CHRIS REDDINGTON - Set Design and Construction
Chris works as a freelance sculptor, set designer and builder, composer and musician.
His recent work integrates sculpture and music to create sonic objects and concert performances that utilise found materials. His stage designs are also interested in the synthesis of aural and visual rhythms, colours and energies.
He was employed at the University of Canterbury Theatre and Film department (2008 -2013) as technical director and designer where he worked with set design, prop construction, puppet making, music direction, and musical theatre performance.
Currently he designs for musical productions, dramatic productions, and children's productions for various theatre companies.
ANDREW TODD - Operator
Andrew has been working in various creative fields since 2006, as an improviser, actor, writer, director, animator, composer, and designer. He has worked with the Court Theatre, the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, the New Zealand Film Commission, Fantasia Film Festival, VICE, and more. His first feature film, Ghost Shark 2: Urban Jaws, is available now; he has multiple other projects in various stages of development.
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The Piano
Julian Southgate
Sherryn Allan
The Court Theatre Costume Department
Our producing partner, The Christchurch City Council
Our generous sponsor, Anthony Harper
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