The sound design for Boudica was over 70 cues all built in cue lab to give a cinematic feel to the production while simultaneously being responsive to the action on stage and not relying on mechanical timing from the performers.
The music was written for "ancient" instruments to set the time period - primarily erhu, taiko drums, harp and strings. This was then given a contemporary feel with the use of a deliberately restricted palette of synthesisers to create punch at moments of violence or high drama.
Soundscapes were also built to support narrative, including forests and the inferno of burning down villages.
Two songs were composed for the cast to sing live on stage and the melodies of these - "Goddess Give Me Strength" and "The Other Side" - along with "Boudica's Theme" were used to create the transitional language of the work, lending a cohesive nature to the entire design. 
Harp was only used to signify Boudica's daughters, Blodwyn and Alonna, tying that particular sound to their characters. 

Opening music. Establishes "Boudica's Theme" 

A longer piece of transitional music, to facilitate a long scene change, using the "Goddess Give Me Strength" theme

The backing track to the song "Goddess Give Me Strength" This opened the second half and is the only part of the show that uses a contemporary drum kit which gives a sudden punk feel in the third verse, reflecting the anarchy of the scene. Distorted shouted vocals give support to the cast singing live. 

A very sparse arrangement of "Goddess give me Strength" used as underscore through a more contemplative scene. Harp and strings evolve very gradually to lend tone to the scene without distracting from the text being performed. 

An extensive breakdown of the audio for The Battle of Camulodunom, demonstrating the responsive nature of the design. 
Filmed rehearsal footage, without lights or full costume. 
The levels of the soundtrack have been increased in post, sometimes at the expense of the lines, to better illustrate what is happening. 
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