The following tracks were all composed to support set pieces of choreographed action.
The design of these songs is bouncy electronica suitable for an audience of children, reflective of the playful and contemporary nature of the show. 

The opening track of the show. A melancholy yet playful waltz as the characters explore the space unable to find each other. It serves to gently introduce the musical palette that will be explored throughout the rest of the work - the electronic mixed with strings and toy box style percussion. 

Music for a sequence of acrobatic manoeuvres and human pyramids, interspersed with moments of indecision and confusion.

Music for a sequence where characters bandage each other up. As they get progressively more and more tangled before escaping, the music works to constantly keep building underneath them, maintaining the energy in what was a technically challenging piece of physical action. 

The closing moments of the show. A sequence of eating an apple with spaces for audience interaction and solo dance breaks. Featuring synthesised and vocoded lyrics and kaosscillator solos. 

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